Hacker Beginnings

Some would say that Human Hackers started the moment Phil and Ian started talking back in 2014. Others would say the guys did their first human hacking together when they rescued some struggling businesses in 2015-16. It certainly gained momentum in 2017, when they swapped 88 text messages in the lead up to the Myriad Festival in Brisbane. (Which is when the name "Human Hackers" was born.)

If "it's not real till its online" then Human Hackers started in 2018-2019 with the launch of the Podcast. Or if "it has to have a website" then it started with the launch of this website in 2020.
Every one of these answers is correct because each of them started something. And every year - with growing energy and deeper conversations - Human Hackers evolves and re-boots.

Hacker Meaning

So what is Human Hackers?

That's a burning question and one we might not be able to answer just in written words.

Is it a chat with Phil or Ian or both? An intriguing conversation? A podcast? A webinar? An event?

Or is it a way of living. An attitude. A movement? Is it you or is it us? Is it simply a way of getting unstuck?

Is it a place to fall into when you're down on your luck?

Join the fun - and then you can tell us!!!

Let's just chat

You never know where it might lead...


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